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3 Myths About Headhunters

First, let’s define what a headhunter is. According to

A person or agency that seeks out and recruits employees, especially business executives and highly paid professionals, as candidates for usually high-paying or prestigious jobs.

To clarify, I am defining headhunter as the third-party variety not a corporate recruiter or talent acquisition specialist. My friends in the corporate world tell me that although we share similar recruiting goals, we live in different ecosystems with different rules for survival.

If you don’t know what a headhunter is, don’t fret, when you become a highly paid professional vying for a prestigious job we will find you!


Headhunters Can Help You Get Into a New Field

Every day I entertain a call from someone enthusiastic to switch careers. They have important reasons that their current field is no longer a fit. They have identified a new area and want my assistance.

This is the truth. My fee is expensive. Companies are only willing to pay me when the candidate I provide is worth substantially more to them than the fee that they pay me. In other words, you can switch careers but probably not with the help of an executive search recruiter. I’m happy to give you free advice. I just can’t represent you.


Headhunters Poach People

Think about it for a second. Are you so mentally weak that a car commercial can “talk you into” buying a car? You only pay attention to car commercials when you are in the market for a car. I provide access, access for great candidates to meet up with great companies. I am a professional matchmaker. I’m not in the business of talking people into anything. In fact, if you aren’t 100% ready to leave your company, I’ll tell you to come back when you are ready.


Headhunters Don’t Work Hard

One of my favorites. Yes, it is true that some headhunters head out for early happy hours (and I’ve done this myself). However, I work 60-80 hour work weeks. Those guys and gals who think this is a cushy sales job don’t last very long. The turnover in our industry is horrendous because it is a hard job. On a typical day, I’ll call and email 60-80 people, recruit two and have five people hang up on me as soon as I say “recruiter”. I’ve been at it for 17 years.

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