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I used Jeremy as a resource in a job search for myself. Jeremy was an excellent coach and resource throughout the recruiting process. He was very well educated on the company I was interviewing with and got to know me first before sending me for an interview. I appreciated that he wanted to make sure I was the right fit before wasting either my time or that of the company. It was clear he was looking to ensure I had the right skill sets as well as the right personality for the group I was looking to join. He called me before each of my three interviews to educate me on the people I would be interviewing with, the skill sets they were looking for, and topics to discuss or avoid. We discussed my expectations and concerns throughout the process. 

He and his business partner kind of tag-teamed throughout the interview process which made it very convenient for me because I could speak to either one of them when I called the office and they both were up to speed on where we were in the interview process. I never had to wait for a call back or wonder what was happening next. Jeremy was always very professional and first and foremost looking for the right fit for the company, not just looking to fill the position, which was very important to me as the potential candidate. I will definitely use Jeremy again in the future should I need to hire someone or if I'm looking to make a career move.


Michelle J.


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